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LJ: Fire Girl

April 2012



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Apr. 7th, 2012

LJ: Heart Shaped Keyhole

[sticky post] 'Like a friendship caught on fire'

As my writing goals are changing somewhat I find myself making more of my entries here "friends only". There's also a high probability I'll end up f-locking my whole journal before very long. So, if you're drawn to this particular flame you know how to get the key to my heart ;-)

Apr. 27th, 2012

XF: Matt Aiden Popcorn

Random Friday Thoughts

Mainly about fic-writing, why I both love & hate both LJ and the maiden/xfactor fandom.

Tell me I'm not alone in feeling #5? :)

ETA Does anyone else actually manage to get the stupid expandable new version of the LJ cut to work? It always hangs my browser & makes the un-opened post look a mess anyway <sigh>
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Apr. 23rd, 2012

LJ: Fire Girl Close-Up

Holding out for a historical hero?

Maybe this will tumblr will help you out: My Daguerreotype Boyfriend (where early photography meets extreme hotness)

I so want to write fic about this guy and his ghostly cat: Hottest blind-gentleman-holding-a cat...

XF: Fire X

What are you doing to me fandom?

I thought you were sunk & I could carry on floating my own boat (got a second idea for a "proper" original fic. Yeah, when I'm not writing cowboy!kink I'm going to be writing a more gentle m/m romance too).



Notes to self (and you better listen, bitch!)

1. Do not post a zillion prompts over there
2. If you decide to fill make them short
3. Time yourself and "do it now" rather than obsessively turning fills into novels

You hear me!

Apr. 21st, 2012

LJ: Shared Brain

Losing the plot here. Or maybe not...

Apr. 20th, 2012

XF: Aiden Can&#39;t Breathe

But I can taste... (oh yeah)

Both camouflage to hide him, war paint to repel. Pigments not of this earth. The sounds were getting louder, swirling around him as if he was caught near the centre of a storm, not quite in the eye, because surely if he was in the eye he would finally know calm...

Those lyrics in my icon, plus the dark blood red can mean only one thing. The boy's compelled me to polish up & finally share the totally weird fic that the above lines are from but will they still remain when I've had my final wicked way with it, there's more than one way to skin a...

That would be the one I self-prompted myself with the following:

Bodies become one
Eyes to eyes, wrists to mouths, teeth to flesh unveiling
Two pairs of eyes cast down
Two figures cast aside by the rest of humanity. Standing, waiting, backs straight, heads bowed.

See you on the other side, Maiden ;)
XF: Aiden Is This Love

Answering the question

Lay off it, Aiden. Just because you've got painting fire-esque artwork and highly slashtastic interpretable lyrics for your first single release does not mean I'm going stay with this ship after all & start spewing out fic again. You've so totally failed, I did not just set said artwork as my wallpaper on my writing laptop. No, not me. Not at all.

Apr. 15th, 2012

LJ: Fire Heart

Time for Tea

So I'm late to watching Castle (only catching it now on Ch 5, so am only on Season 2) but honestly, best scene ever. Love the writer who came up with this.

Apr. 12th, 2012

LJ: Passion Spent or Perfect Match?

Widening my horizons...

Hey! I don't always do a smut angle to the Feeding the Flame: Images entries (okay, I mostly do but I'm trying to turn over a new leaf ETA Failed!) this pic could be interpreted so many ways, it's beautiful but melancholy, an unusual shot to share. Is there someone beneath the window, is the bride just gathering her thoughts, is she missing someone that should be with her on this important day, has she just run off with her best man (or bridesmaid) or both ;)

Photo Ricki Lake tweeted to announce her marriage:

XF: Glowstick

If one of my characters ends up with a Spongebob tattoo

... Marc Jacobs is wholly to blame. That man sure knows how to give the paps great PDA shots since he got all buffed up. Latest batch of him & the boyfriend on the Daily Fail website (and added to my inspiration perv folder). This one, I just had to include here for obvious reasons, see choice of userpic ;-)

Marc Jacobs and new porn star beau Harry Louis enjoy a romantic day at the beach | Mail Online <snerk>Harry Louis - someone needs to do crossover Lourry fanfic where they end up in Marc's suite because someone thought they were his 'pornstar beau'

Oh & if you don't know what I'm talking about, here are a few Marc Jacobs before & after pics after the cut. In my smutty writer's mind I always think someone was his 'Michael Hutchence'. You know, woke him up (like MH did with Kylie) ;-)
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