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Painting Fire

Words are only painted fire, a look is the fire itself

9 February

This journal began due to being in the thrall of all things Maiden (Matt Cardle and Aiden Grimshaw from The X Factor), and me holding them directly responsible for getting me writing fic again (heck, for getting me writing again period!) They reignited a spark that I'd allowed to burn out, now I'm trying to nuture it and make it burn stronger.

So while, so far, my journal is mainly Maiden, the melodies of my personal musings and inspirations battle their way out through their harmony.

I know, I talk nonsense.

I am, at heart, an always aspiring storyteller rather than a writer. Luckily enough to be alive to sit as a child at the feet of a now faded family generation whose entertainment traditions came from the spoken word. Stories passed down, each gaining something extra from the new telling. Storytellers left words in the wind, but marks on the soul.

Storytellers tend to become walking self-quotes, appearing to choose words carefully, when actually they choose us. They know us, we have spoken together too many times.

But nothing is original, we have just learnt to re-arrange the words to suit our purpose, until the next time.

So that might explain why I can be all up in the air one minute, and down in the gutter the next, with my writing. In fanfics, and maybe in life. You are my listener. Take what you want from it and think nothing more...

Disclaimer: I am a mere storyteller, a painter of words. I have no secret mind-reading powers. The characterisations of the people and portrayal of events within my journal are therefore wholly fictitious. A fairytale begins "Once upon a time" but it does not mean it really happened. Remember that and we'll all live happily ever after!